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Sciennes P7 Pupil iPad Guidelines for School Use

Sciennes iPad Responsible Use

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Guidelines on iPad Responsible Use for Pupils in Sciennes School

Your iPad

Sciennes Primary School will provide an iPad for you for school use now and home use later. The iPad belongs to the school but you can use it for as long as you are a pupil at Sciennes.
Before you use the iPad, you must read and complete the school’s ‘Technology and Internet Responsible Use Policy, which tells you how to use your iPad and the Internet responsibly.


At any time, any member of staff can ask to see your iPad, files you have made or websites you have viewed. You must follow the rules in the Responsible Use Policy at all times.

Care of Your iPad

You will be given a protective case but you must take great care not to drop the iPad or scratch the screen. You are very fortunate to be given your very own iPad. It is your responsibility to look after it carefully throughout your time at Sciennes.
You must not
  • change the iPad in any way
  • use a passcode
  • switch on restrictions
  • use ‘Find my iPhone’ with the iPad
  • clear your browser history
  • add any stickers or decorations to the iPad.
  • erase the iPad
  • remove Apps from the iPad
  • change any of the settings (although you are permitted to change the home/lock screen picture)
Note: This privilege may be taken away by school at any time.
To be allowed to use the iPad:
  • you must follow the Care of Your iPad rules and the Technology and Internet Responsible Use Policy.


Sometimes there might be problems with the iPad that are not your fault (computer crashes, software errors, etc.). The school ICT team will try to help fix these and it might be possible to lend you a spare.

Accidental Damage and Carelessness  

Accidents do happen. There is a difference, however, between an accident and carelessness. If we think that you have been careless in looking after your iPad then you may lose the privilege of using it.

 “Three Strikes”
We will record all problems with the iPads. It is highly likely that if you are not taking care of your iPad responsibly then you will lose the privilege of using it.
We believe that having your very own iPad is going to help your learning. We are very excited about Sciennes’ 1:1 iPad programme and we look forward to using it with you to help you learn new things and also to show what you have learned.

Sciennes PS/LG  2014/15

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