Saturday, 6 September 2014

P7 House and Sports Captains

P7 pupils have been issued with an Application Form for House and Sports Captain roles this year.
Two House Captains and two Sports Captains will lead each school House: Grange, Lauder, Sienna and Tantallon. We aim to choose pupils from each of the three classes. Applicants have been asked to answer these questions:

1. House and Sports Captains must motivate their House and encourage everyone to follow the school rules. How would you do this?

2. House and Sports Captains will be asked to stand up and speak in front of House Assemblies. Can you think of a good idea for a House Assembly?

3. House and Sports Captains must work as a team to lead their House forward. Can you give an example of when you worked well in a team?

Applicants will be given an opportunity to take part in an interview.
There will be three questions at the interview:
1.    Why do you want to be House or Sports Captain?
2.    What ideas and suggestions do you have for the role of House or Sports Captain?
3.    Why do you think you will be a good House or Sports Captain?

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