Monday, 8 December 2014

Hour of Code 2014 is Here!

Fantastic online tutorials for every ability are available during the worldwide 'Hour of Code' week beginning Monday 8th December 2014   at

Primary Seven pupils have been developing their understanding of position and movement and their problem solving skills to work through some of the online tutorials in Lightbot, Tynker and  Angry Birds. We are so lucky to have Mrs Barker's expertise as a computer scientist! A First Class Honours degree in Computer Science is becoming a tradition in the family since Mrs Barker's eldest son also  graduated - from Cambridge - with a First Class Honours degree in the same subject. And now works for Google!

Scratch can be downloaded for free or try out the online tutorials, available on the web for the Hour of Code.

(Scratch Jr is a free app for younger children available in iTunes for iPad.)

Hopscotch is providing a free Hour of Code app in iTunes and here is an online Hopscotch tutorial (for more advanced coders:

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