Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sciennes P7 Girls v Staff Netball

Thank you to Mr Forrest Howie for arranging, to the P7 Girls Netball Team and all staff who participated as well as everyone who came to cheer along the joyful - though very competitively fought! - staff v pupils netball game in the sunshine on Wednesday 10th June. Thanks also to our lovely netball coach Emmy Lou Ferry for refereeing. Emmy has coached the netball team superbly for the past four years and this was her last coaching session as she got a new job on Friday and is soon off to Zambia for six months. Our best wishes and thanks to you, Emmy!

 Mr Howie gets in the zone
Netball coach Emmy Lou Ferry

Mrs Noble checks it will all be fair play!

 Ponytails secured so battle can commence!

Miss Gladstone was the staff secret weapon - she used to play for Scotland!

 Team tactics discussed

 Sporting handshakes all round

 Mr Howie thanks our referee, Emmy

We drew?
Go Team Sciennes!

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